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Medicated Pain Relief

Medicated Pain ReliefThe Pro10 Line of Sports Doc Pain Relief Products Offer Fast Acting Pain Relief in an Exclusive Natural Formula.

For over seventy years the exclusive formula behind Pro10 pain relief products has been soothing discomfort and speeding healing for a wide range of ailments. A unique formula introduced in 1933 by an Ohio pharmacist who sold it door to door, Pro10 products offers a combination of all natural essential oils that penetrate faster and relieve discomfort longer than many better known products.

Our unique blend of pine, wintergreen, camphor and eucalyptus oils provide as fast or faster penetrating relief from the discomforts of sore joints & muscles than any other non-prescription pain relief products on the market. This ALL NATURAL blend of essential oils provides a combination of potent pain relievers that work fast to ease your discomfort.

For relief from the symptoms of muscle strain or injury few other products can match Pro10's speed in reducing pain and discomfort.

Penetrates The Most Stubborn Muscle Soreness To Relieve Pain & Stiffness

Camphor Pain Relief pain & itch of rashes, burns, scrapes & bruises
Distilled from the wood of the Camphor Laurel and the leaves of the Camphor Basil, this aromatic oil also occurs in several varieties of Asian Laurel. Oil of the Camphor tree provides relief from pain & itch of rashes, burns, scrapes & bruises; is a great cough suppressant and topical analgesic.
Pine Oil ronchial conditions and rheumatism
Pine Oil
Popular for centuries as a remedy for bronchial and circulatory issues, pine oil is distilled from needles, branch tips & shoots. Commonly used for skin rubs and inhalation therapy, it is a popular treatment for bronchial conditions and rheumatism.
Wintergreen Pain Relief muscle pain
Wintergreen (Methyl Salicylate)
Nature's own pain reliever Wintergreen was the remedy of choice for pain relief until chemists succeeded in recreating its primary active ingredient, Methyl Salicylate, in the lab. It is still a popular topical analgesic for muscle pain.
Eucalyptus decongestant
A popular decongestant and circulatory stimulant, Eucalyptus oil has been in use for years for a variety of skin and respiratory ailments. Extracted from fresh leaves and branch tips of the Eucalyptus tree, this oil has great penetrating qualities and is a highly effective decongestant.

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